About Me


Hi! I’m Marie.

I am interested in lots of things – I read frantically, fill most silence with music or podcasts and I enjoy watching TV shows more than I honestly like to admit. I then go on to write about some of the things I have read, heard or seen here on this blog. Also I love to paint – the more colours surround me, the happier I am! On this page I want to share some of my own words and paintings, at least the good ones, with everyone who is interested, and tell you about other people’s amazing and inspiring art as well.

This website is a free time activity for me. My main job at the moment is to write my dissertation on Caribbean Literature and work at the English Department of Bonn University. Previously, I have studied English Literature in Bonn, Swansea, and Perugia and worked in a number of international exchange organisations. If you want to know more about my studies or professional experiences, have a look at my CV or my profile at reasearchgate or feel free to get in touch.

Most articles on this blog are available in German and in English, which is a strong indicator of my unwillingness to compromise. I have my reasons for sticking to both languages, which you can read here if you want to know them. If you’re not that interested, just go ahead and enjoy reading about other things in whichever language you prefer. Have fun!