Hi there, I’m Marie.

Thanks for coming to Marie Berndt’s website about words and paintings! Marie has decided to write this introduction to the site in third person, as it sounds much more professional and feels by far less awkward.

She is a woman of many interests and talents – she reads frantically, fills most silence with music or podcasts and watches more TV than she honestly likes to admit. She then goes on to write about some of the things she has read, heard or seen here on this blog. Also she loves to paint – the more colours surround her, the happier she is! On this website she wants to share her words and paintings, at least the good ones, with everyone who is interested.

Most articles on this blog are available in German and in English, which is a strong indicator of Marie’s unwillingness to decide. She has her reasons for sticking to both languages though, which you can read here if you want to know them. If you’re not that interested, just go ahead and enjoy reading about other things in whichever language you prefer. Have fun!